5000 fingers of dr t

The 5,000 Finger of Dr. T is the obvious winner here.

Sometime ya gotta sing, sometime ya gotta dance, sometimes ya gotta sit and listen to a bunch of people talking about another bunch of people who are singing and dancing.

The PanelEdit

Show NotesEdit

Join Damon Shaw, Mike Ortiz, Melvin Ladera, Dave Gill, Jill Valuet, and Lynn Wheeler (a.k.a. Damon's mom) as the debate the BEST MUSICAL. It's got old standards, new hits, and personal favorites. And it has Damon's mom. Mike only talks a little and we find out about Damon's short lived career in the theatre. And it has Damon's mom. Jill still holds a grudge about the "Once More With Feeling" not winning Best Buffy Episode. And it has Damon's mom.

Did I mention Damon's mom?