Balance of Terror

The wait is finally over! Boldly go where no Geek Fight has gone before in this three-parter: BEST STAR TREK EPISODE.

The PanelEdit

  • Damon Shaw
  • Mike Ortiz
  • Darrin Benjamin
  • Barry Ingram
  • Paul Storrie
  • Chris Wood
  • Jerad Formby
  • Michael Felsher
  • Dayton Ward

Show NotesEdit

Join Damon Shaw, Mike Ortiz, Darren Benjamin, Barry Ingram, and Paul Storrie in the first part, then Chris Wood, Jerad Formby, and Michael Felsher continue the human adventure in part two. Finally, in the conclusion to our most intense fight ever, these eight geeks, plus special guest–Dayton Ward, unite for the final showdown!

In our biggest (and by biggest we mean longest) episode yet, can Measure of a Man measure up to Amok Time? Is The Trouble With Tribbles more tribbleriffic than Trials and Tribbleations? Can Dead Stop stop Ship In a Bottle? Can Statistical Probabilities beat the odds, or is Yesterday's Enterprise today's winner? Can The Corbomite Manuever bluff For The Uniform? Is Shuttlepod One, a shuttlepod win? Will Death Wish die off? Is Mirror, Mirror a better reflection than In a Mirror, Darkly? Is The Best of Both Worlds, the best on our show?

Wow, Trek geeks can really talk! There is passion and pathos, conflict and comedy, inspiration and exaltation, everything that makes Star Trek great!