John williams

It's our 25th episode extravaganza!

The PanelEdit

Show NotesEdit

Will Jaws take a bite out of the Godfather? Can Psycho hack up Superman in the shower? Can Blade Runner run off with a win? And if it's a Geek Fight, Star Wars and Star Trek have to be in there. Can John Williams beat...John Williams, or...John WIlliams? It's a short fight, but it's a doozy!

Once the fighting's done, Mike and Damon give you a look at the secret origin of Geek Fights with a peek behind the scenes, a little on the history of the show, and some of our favorite moments on and off the air. There's also a quick interview with one of the Legion of Geeks, Janet Nowell.

It's a very special (and self indulgent) episode of Geek Fights.