Oh now we remember what went wrong with battlestar galactica

It's our first ever double header, with TWO, count em' TWO Geek Fights in one episode!

The PanelEdit

Damon Shaw

Mike Ortiz

Juan Patino

Barry Ingram

Pete Lucas


Brian Townsend

Jason Grade

Show NotesEdit

Damon Shaw and Mike Ortiz are joined in the first half by Juan Patino, Barry Ingram, and Pete Lucas to debate THE BEST DEATH OF ALL TIME. In the second half Karin, Brian Townsend, and Jason Grade join in for THE BEST RESURRECTION OF ALL TIME. Who bites it best? Old Yeller? Superman? Dumbledore? Who rises without being chased as a zombie? Doctor Who? Kenny? Spock? And most importantly, who is drunker Juan or Karin?


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