Marceline and Bubblegum Space Kiss

What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

The PanelEdit

Show NotesEdit

Ok once again, I know nothing about this topic, but Karin, Christy Wooke, Brian Townsend, Alex, and Chris Fiore do. And they talk about the BEST ADVENTURE TIME EPISODE. Damon Shaw hosts, Mike Ortiz just screws up the recording and looses the last half hour. Seriously, one job and he cant handle it. No wonder we are ending this.

On a less cynical note, I (Christy) absolve Mike of said "screw up" because Skype sucks, and using different computers sucks, and just not being able to use the normal set up sucks. ABSOLVED.

Also, as a bass/ukelele playing hipster comic artist with a background in animation, I'm totally in love/JEALOUS with Rebecca Sugar for being who she is. If this makes no sense, don't worry about it. -cw