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Show NotesEdit

This is it, the colossal 2 year anniversary show. We assembled the top geek fighters, each with 10 appearances or more to discuss one of the big geek questions. Join Damon Shaw, Mike Ortiz, Michael Felsher, Pete Lucas, Brian Townsend, Kathy Lehman, Jerad Formby, Chuck Farrell, Karin, Allen and Juan Patino, yes ELEVEN panelists, our biggest full panel ever for one of the biggest topics ever, the BEST STAR TREK MOVIE. To get 16 entries we had to be lenient in our definition of a Star Trek movie, but we did, and we got a doozy of a show. It's pretty chaotic with this many people, especially when such seasoned veterans are involved. It gets a little crazy and sometimes even a little mean. Our anniversary shows can be a bit... rambunctious? I fear our 3 year anniversary...