Chad Derdowski

Chad Derdowski

Chad Derdowski has been spinning yarns and telling tales long before the internet existed, but the first time anyone paid him attention was when he started writing film and DVD reviews for Masked Movie Snobs in 2004, along with maintaining the popular Supernaut blog on

Chad is probably best known for his three-year run on the weekly Comicscape column, found on, from 2008-2011. In addition, he contributed comic book reviews, interviews and a variety of news and opinion pieces. He has been quoted in press releases from both Marvel Comics and Fantagraphics Books, as well as on a variety of covers and collections.

Chad is the author of the young adult action/adventure/comedy novel All Robots Must Die! and continues to contribute reviews for Cinema Sentries.

He hails from the great state of Michigan but currently resides in Illinois with his two adorable children and the brilliant and beautiful woman he somehow suckered into marrying him.

Geek CredEdit

Chad had a bagpiper play the Star Wars theme at his wedding and he regularly karaokes "Turtle Power" by Partners in Kryme (from the first TMNT movie) WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE SCREEN BECAUSE HE KNOWS ALL THE WORDS BY HEART! (He made it to the semi-finals of a karaoke contest with that song.)

Other ProjectsEdit

Chad runs a fantasy professional wrestling league FANTASY UNLIMITED CHAMPIONSHIP RASSLIN

Chad has a BRAND NEW BOOK out, All Robots Must Die! | Agent of Danger

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