Best superhero movie

Geek Fights rolled out the battles at Detroit Fanfare, this is the first of two live shows recorded on the floor of the Con

The HostsEdit

Damon Shaw

Mike Oritz

Josh VanValkenburg

Brian Townsend

Jason Thompson

Show NotesEdit

Geek Fights rocked the Detroit Fanfare! We walked around C2E2, but we had our first ever LIVE shows with audience participation! Join Damon Shaw, Mike Oritz, Josh VanValkenburg, Brian Townsend, Jason Thompson and the attendees of the Detroit Fanfare as they discuss the BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE! Will Daredevil see a win? can Thor's mighty hammer beat Watchmen's big blue dong? Can Spider-man break Unbreakable? Will Catwoman pounce on the Dark Knight? Will Superman spin back the earth on Blank Man? See what the people think!